Is it Doomesday or D-Day for Housing Prices?

There are several reasons why we should expect buyers to continue to turn out with enthusiasm in Temecula and Murrieta:
1: As long as interest rates remain below 6% in most cases it will be cheaper to buy than rent so why rent unless you are only going to be in town for a short time.
2: Even thought the stock and commodities markets are adjusting they have experienced skyrocketing appreciation out of sync with real value – a correction was anticipated. The real estate market is making steady but not sky rocketing gains therefore housing is still affordable whereas many stocks are not.
3: Orange County and San Diego markets have in many areas surpassed 2006 values which is driving hundreds of potential buyers to the beauty of the Temecula Valley and the affordable housing.
4: Schools Schools Schools – when you look at the scores for schools surrounding $400,000 homes in San Diego or Orange County,(if you can find them), you will notice a dramatic difference when comparing those scores to Murrieta and Temecula schools. Parents want safety and education for their children and they will drive an hour to make sure that happens.
5: Safety Safety Safety: Compare the city-data statistics for Temecula and Murrieta $400,000 areas and San Diego County or Orange County $400,000 areas. Every month hundreds of new buyers prove that they will drive an hour or more to live in a safe and calm environment.
We anticipate a seasonal softening of prices in the winter months which will provide an excellent opportunity to buy before the very likely housing price increases in Spring 2016.

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